November 4, 2010

Peruvian earrings

When i was looking at other blogs, I came across one, that was about Peruvian earrings. Then I typed it in Google, and finally I watched a youtube video, how to make these earrings. It seems much harder, as I figured when I did my first one. But then when I started to make a pair, then it was a total mess. I tried, but didnt like it, so I cut the thread and tried again, and so over and over again. So it seems hard, but it is not, but actually is. Well it just takes some practice.
Here is the very first pair, that I keep to myself, although the shapes are not identical, I still love them, especially the way the light plays with the reflective thread.

And this pair on the next pictures will be on auction at Nov. 5-9.

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