October 2, 2019

Mulgi mustrid

I haven't done a lot of embroidery work (not to include the beading projects), so it intrigued me. I bought the materials and remembered a skirt that my sister had given me. Well and as I am 1/4 of mulk (Estonian region) and I found their traditional patterns so cool, well my skirt has now the patterns all over!

Steek cardigan!

I love to challenge myself and learn new techniques and tips and patterns and woah so many times my time spent searching and trying and remodeling takes so much more time than the actual project itself. But well this is the way I am, easy is boring.
Well here is my first steek cardigan, it was intimidating to cut it but well it fits perfect and I dont have no more fear of doing it more times !

February 15, 2019

Lace self-designed top

I knew what I wanted in general, and then started to search for patterns that would fit the idea. I modified my first plan to that much that I made an open back. Otherwise quite the idea I had in mind and what I draw on paper.
Here are general guidelines to make it, no counts, but all the patterns used for the different parts.

So I started from the middle, I knitted the waist line, pattern down, the right side the same curve as the left side on the pattern. For me I repeated the pattern ten times.

Then I picked up all the stitches with the same 2,5 needle size, then the next row lessened the stitches by two and the same time went to needle size 4.
At the sides two times made the extra stitches to widen the top at chest. From the bottom of armpits, went up by tree, front and two back parts. Few rows before finish made the neck line.

Then united the waist line piece just from the bottom for few stitches and picked up all the round to make the bottom part. Started with the original pattern and first leaf last row didnt take both sized together, that made the pattern one stitch wider, same the second leaf. The third had already 30 stitches more.

All the edges have crochet finish.

Then found the buttons I wanted and voila! Super happy with the result! :)

February 12, 2019

Officially addicted

YES, totally addicted to knitting and crocheting, I barely finish one project when I already checking for the next ones. And so I dont have that spare time to open my computer and actually show what I have made , haha.
Well I show you now!
These four projects are for sale! (Any questions just contact me via here or kristinamari@hotmail.com)

June 25, 2018

Who loves them wheels?!

I am taking orders ! Handmade wheel clocks to have decoration and usefulness in one. Recycling old used wheels.
Contact me if you would like to have yours!

Ma võtan vastu tellimusi! Käsitööna valmivad seinakellad, kus taaskasutan vanu rattavelgi.
Kui soovi endale soetada, võta minuga ühendust!

June 9, 2018

One more crochet bikini!

So here it is, one more, I wanted to try a different cup pattern, and this one is on sale in my Etsy shop Kristinamari for 24 euros.
Just for some more pictures I also add my white bikini, hopefully I get to wear it some time soon, not so nice weather in Portugal at the moment .

Siin on veel ühed heegeldatud bikiinid, ma tahtsin proovida teise disaini, mustriga tehtud rinnakorvi osa, need sinised on ka müügil minu Etsy poes Kristinamari hinnaga 24 eurot.
Ja ma lisan ka veel mõned pildid oma valgetest bikiinidest, loodetavasti saan ma neid varsti kanda, pole just see mitte tavaline ilus juuni siin Portugalis.

May 31, 2018

Something blue and something knitting and something summerly crochet

I tend to not have time to make photos of my work, or I post them straight to instagram and later see that oh I havent got nothing on my blog.
Here are the things I have done this recent months, days.

Mul kukub nii välja, et ei viitsi väga pilte oma töödest teha, kohe postitan otse instasse ja siis hiljem näen, et näe blogis pole midagi.
Siin on tööd, mis olen viimastel kuudel, päevadel teinud.

April 3, 2018

And a wheel clock!

Ja jooksukell!

Some knitting

for some special gifts..enjoy! All custom made and unique :)

Natuke kudumist kallitele inimestele...naudi! Kõik ainulaadsed ja huvitavad :)

October 18, 2017

Cycling related

So I have been making things, some bracelets, made with recycled old bicycle chains, some beaded bikes and a trophy recycled into a clock. Wish to have some unique presents for Christmas, order now!

Ma olen ikka nokitsenud, mõned käekeed, osad leidnud juppe taaskasutatud rattakettidest, osad helmed rattakujudeks nokitsetud. Samuti kas taaskasutatud võidetud karikas, mis nüüd lauakell. Kui soov, midagi erilist jõuluks kingikotti saada, pane tellimus kirja täna!