March 31, 2020

Cardigan project

So this is how I improvise. 
I have more or less the idea what I want to make, then I draw it on my notebook, to have some indication of the measurements and cuts, I had the idea to use some of Drops patterns, mix and match them.
As I had this yarn with gradual color shift, I had to make some adjustments to have the color going evenly throughout the back and front and both front top parts, I decided to use steek.
The with the sleeves I figured steek should give the right outcome here as well.
The color with the sleeves and top part was totally random, but you also have to have some luck to create awesome pieces, right?!
Well I am still in the decision how to make the lower part, as the diagonal pattern isnt as nice as I would like, I made a test piece. So lets see what I will come up with !

all starts with putting the idea on the paper

top part steek, the sleeve hole

two sleeves knitted at the same time, steek in the middle

puff sleeve

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