November 5, 2012

Little bit of everything

Well not really everything, but well bit of beads and bit of fimo.
So I finally got some hair clips and finished two of my flower hair clips. Here they are.

Then I had the want to make some snowmen so I did them into earrings, also put the hooks into the orange birds I had. So here are two new pairs of earrings.

Then I made a set of bracelet and earrings. It all started out with just picking up some different colours out of my Swarovski cristals. Then the idea was set on a paper.

Then I wondered how I will make it. I chose to make it on a base of transparent seed beads. The pattern drawn, ready to bead. 

Then after finishing the bracelet, had still some beads left over and then made earrings to match the bracelet.

And for now thats it :)
Enjoy beading!

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