April 26, 2013

Knitting and little fimo creating

So I did finish my yellow pullover, some time ago, and already wore it, but yesterday it got the last touch. I did a little personal facey on it. In the original pattern there was a little flower, I tougth to make it as I knitted, but well thats more unique ;) :P

Then I finished one really special pullover. I never did anything this little. The front pattern is made by a woman who is not among us anymore, I got her knitting needles and some yarns and this piece was among the things. I finish it and it will be a special present for the son of the woman. A little piece of her to her grandchildren:)

And then I started to make a little flower corner in my balcony. I needed a watering bottle and I decorated it adequately. :)

Happy days!!:)

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