August 28, 2017

Beaded embroidery bracelet - Fish skin

Uff its been a long time since I updated my handmade blog, well now its time to add some photos of the bracelet I finished and is on my Etsy shop Kristinamari for sale. These beaded embroidery bracelets take their time to make, but thats the cost of doing something that is unique in the world.

Uff pole pikalt oma käsitööblogisse midagi lisanud, nüüd on aeg mõned pildid lisada käevõrust, mis on samuti müügis mu Etsy poes Kristinamari. Need pärlitega tikitud käevõrude tegemine on aeganõudev, kuid selle eest ainulaadsed maailmas.
Head vaatamist!


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