October 19, 2012

"Piggy" bank

Well its been long since I have written here. Its not because I dont have time or I have not made any handmade things, its just that I dont have stable internet connection and when I am far from internet then I remember that I did not put any work up.

Well I hope with this post, my blog will get a new rhythm with posts!!

Here is something so funny, but so cool, love the result!!!
If you like to make one of your own, then all you need is a screw top empty jam jar and fimo, marker and some time.
I made a hole in the metal lid, then covered it with fimo, took almost hour to make the lips, I think my clay is too old and it takes time to get it moldable between fingers. Then I put it into oven.
In the meantime I made the decoration with marker on the glass, and voila!! Love it:)

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